The Office of Student Services assists students with career planning and placement. Student Services serves as an intermediary between the institution and the student body concerning student activities, seminars, workshops and other student concerns.  Its mission is to contribute to the overall development of students through planning, delivery and systematic assessment of students.  These services are integrated into teaching to foster a climate of academic and general welfare to facilitate the teaching-learning process.

Thus in turn help the student achieve a better fit into College life, actively participate in the processes of the College system, to achieve optimal personal growth, and enabling the student to effectively participate in school events. The primary function of the Office of Student Services is Career Planning and Placement. The department also assists in the cultural, social, professional, and intellectual development of students. It coordinates various activities and services offered to the students.

In addition the Office of Student Services will assist in the implementation of Student Projects, Student Organizations, and Commencement Ceremony. The department’s function is consistent with the institutions’ mission of creating and continuously improving effective learning environments for the lifelong educational needs of the diverse community it serves. The department also assists in finding referrals and information for those students experiencing personal difficulties.