If you’re passionate about audio and sound and want to pursue a career in sound engineering, it’s certainly a dream you can achieve. There are numerous employment opportunities and the industry is growing every year. Getting the right education and training is an important first step to start building your career. There are various specializations in the sound engineering industry that you can decide to work in i.e.,wireless microphone engineer, monitor sound engineer, studio sound engineer among others. And with the right education from a top audio engineering school, you can easily find work in any of these fields.
If you are in the Miami area and looking to attend one of the best audio engineering classes, check out CCAT. CCAT offers an advanced technical degree in sound engineering. It is a two-year on-campus sound engineering program that prepares students to engineer sound for radio, television, film, web or other media. The students learn to operate specialized equipment such as audio mixing consoles, equalizers, and microphones. The courses are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for a successful career as a sound engineer.

In addition, earning a technical degree at CCAT can really help you take your career to the next level if you have already dipped your toes in the industry or working in the field and want to advance your skills even further.
How you benefit from our program?
Obtaining an audio engineering certification from CCAT works to your advantage. It proves to potential employers that you are ready to apply your advanced knowledge and skills to the real-world of sound engineering. So many of our students who are now experts in the field say how the experience gained from an intensive hands-on program like ours is definitely invaluable.

At CCAT, we train our students in the same, real-world setting they would encounter if they were out in the field. We ensure students receive the highest level of sound engineering education available so they can become a professional sound engineer in the music, television, radio, and video game industries. We are one of the only schools in Miami whose program teaches students about the business and hands-on side of the sound engineering business.

Spending time in the classroom and in the studio, sharpening your skills is the only way for students to really learn about the audio industry.

Top reasons students love CCAT Miami’s sound engineering program:
  • Hands-on training – In our studio, our students get to learn in an environment that are similar to the ones they will encounter in the field.
  • Centered on student success – CCAT is dedicated to providing aspiring engineers with training they’ll actually retain preparing them for the demands of the audio engineering industry. Our school has also allowed many of our graduates the opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the industry.
  • Diversified program – at CCAT we cover various concepts of audio engineering such as:
  • Recording techniques
  • Equipment and tools
  • Electronic synthesis
  • Audio mixing
  • Film and TV audio
  • Surround sound
  • Audio visual (AV)

Students learn to use the latest specialized software and hardware including digital audio workstations for recording, mixing, and editing live voice and instrumental sounds.

Our student favorites:
  • Learning how to create their own demo reel
  • Learning to construct and mix their own music and beats
Certification in sound engineering – students who complete our two-year program earn an audio engineering certificate. This certificate essentially shows you have achieved an advanced level training in the field.
Great group of educators– Our sound engineering program is led by some of top industry professionals who are eager to share their expertise with our students. The professors are seen more as mentors.
Job Assistance – we help all students transition to either a paid/non-paid internship or assist with finding job opportunities.
Networking  – in a culturally diverse city like Miami, our school is a great place to network and build those connections for a successful career in the audio industry. You get the chance to meet find like-minded people, future partners, and creative peers There will always be someone to network with at school, whether it be a guest speaker involved in the industry, your fellow classmates, or educators.
Preparing you for the real world of sound engineering
At CCAT, we expose you to different types of recording software, hardware, audio engineering techniques, recording production and many other aspects of music production. The knowledge and experience you gain from our program opens up the door to finding that one area you want to specialize in.

Typically, a sound engineer (or an audio engineer) works with the mechanics of recording, mixing, and reproducing sound. They don’t necessarily work only in music. There are sound engineers who design and control the sound at conferences, in theaters, and in any other venue that requires sound projection for an audience. With the skills you acquire at CCAT, you can start your career as a sound engineer in:
  • film
  • radio
  • television
  • musical recordings
  • computer games
  • live music concerts
  • theatre
  • sports games
  • corporate events


Your job outlook in South Florida
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), predicts employment in sound engineering will grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2024.
Sound engineering is a promising career that offers immense opportunity especially in South Florida. Miami is known for being one of the world’s hottest spots for working in the entertainment industry. South Florida sound engineers are found working in local music studios, film studios, television studios, with band crews, tour crews, event crews and maintenance crews, local opera houses, theatres, conference centers, auditoriums, among others.
If you  have the opportunity to attend our sound engineering course — do it! We encourage anyone who is looking to get started or master their skills in sound engineering to visit our campus. Talk to our staff and students. Enrolling in our program you will be involved in every aspect of audio engineering, even ones that maybe you had no idea about!

* CCAT offers classes in English and Spanish